pearlgreen is happy to discover

  • rare and delightful “mystical books”
  • a special way of travelling and discovering the world
  • a stimulating exchange with the local population
  • inspiring discussions and global thinking
  • harmony in doing and being nothing

Book a journey, an event or read one of the listed books.pearlgreen is delighted,


Pearlgreen unites people regardless of their origin and touches upon Advaita, Zen and Taoism.

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So far, 3 books by the author are on the market, although one or the other may already be out of print. You can still order books from the author until further notice.

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The journeys should be characterised by inner peace, walks, fun and a desire for discovery. The next journey will take place in CHINA (see details). The following activities available.

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More supporters will be introduced in the near future.

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