Pearlgreen unites those who like to discover new things and indulge in interesting conversations, but who also enjoy peace and quiet time. It connects people who enjoy travelling and learning more about other cultures, who like good food, delicious tea, coffee or wine. It unifies those who like to read books, take walks … who enjoy being lazy, meditating and simply living harmoniously.
Aim: Allow life to happen, it happens anyway – we don’t only see it, we are it.

  • Continue to be seduced by your own nature and feel the eternal dawn in you – a delicately fragrant flower and all witnessing SELF!

  • Don’t reach for illusions or frozen ideas anymore – after all this seeming nothingness, IT is not to be had.

  • Unmask your SELF and your worldly ideas. And behold! The world is as boundless as YOU.

  • Forget everything, everything you embrace, even yourself (if you can), because a new day of innocence is calling.

    Do you hear it too?