Projekt Alive-Village

Project idea:
The project will start between 2025 and 2026 in Menorca (Mao/San Lluis) and/or in South Africa (Plettenberg Bay).

A place to gain strength and confidence without having to believe in ‘anything’.

To bring people together:
This peaceful place is there for all who seek it.
We offer holiday weeks, short and long stays, as well as seminar opportunities for your meditation, yoga, dance, art, Advaita or sports classes … or similar.
Basically, the offers are carried out by ‚locals‘. Of course, the premises can also be given to closed groups.

Whoever needs a time-out because of whatever (creative time-out, burnout, drug withdrawal or other impairment) can do so for up to 6 months in this ‚camp‘.
Requests for longer periods will be considered.
Reto is a qualified home manager with a lot of experience in production, drug, asylum, autism, as well as assisted living or second job market.


  • At least 10 to xy hectares in size. Several living and sports facilities.
  • Housing for groups or individual living units (Tiny Houses or flats etc.).
  • Own swimming pool, hiking trails, bicycle tracks etc.
  • Production of aloe vera, rooibos tea, fashion items or something similar
  • Senior living units near the camp, supervised by the camp organization (good people are available: languages at the moment: D, F, E, ES, Africans …)

In Menorca as well as in South Africa, architects are available for the ‘kick off’.

Camp organization:

Reto is able run such a camp (with friends). At the moment he is CEO of a large social enterprise with up to 1550 clients per year and 200 employees. He took over this social enterprise with a turnover of 12 million and was able to increase it to a turnover of 27 million. Also part of this social institution are 12 hotel/restaurant businesses, dry cleaners, a solar panel production and much more.
Reto not only has a lot of experience in the hotel business, but also holds a diploma from the Hotel Management School Lucerne in Switzerland ….


We are looking for 3-5 million in start-up capital. The form in which the investment should be or can be secured will be clarified together. Reto is looking forward to your Contact.

PS: Reto is guided by an altruistic thought with a non-naïve understanding of money.